$25 Sign up Bonus

If you are interested to claim $25 Sign up Bonus on the occasion of Holy Eid-ul-Fitr then this article is very important for you because I will show you step by step

how you can claim $25 for free.

How To Get Eidul Fitr 25 Dollar Bonus: Complete Guide For Free

First things you need to do to get free $25 bonus I am showing below nicely with screenshots you must pay attention to it.

First you have to (click on this link) then enter your (Full Name) and (User Name) then (E-mail Address) and (Password) and (Confirm Password) Click on (I Accept) button and click (Sign Up).

$25 Sign up Bonus

Then after logging into your account, you will see options like the screenshot given below in the dashboard of your account, $25 will be added here.

$25 Sign up Bonus

How to earn money working on earnmoneyfromphone.com?

Now I am showing you the processes how to work to increase the dollars that have been added to your account.

Below the options you can see in the above screenshot, you will see options like the screenshot below.

$25 Sign up Bonus

Here you will get 25 dollars later by referring, in addition to sharing the referral link, you will get 5 dollars from each click, in addition, you can earn 20 dollars by publishing posts for social media accounts here.

Also you can earn twenty four dollars by installing apps and earn 40 dollars by submitting emails and earn 40 dollars by completing surveys.

How to earn by sharing on social media?

The processes of how to earn by sharing on social media from this platform will now be shown.

Click on the three dot menu and click on (Social Media Sharing).

$25 Sign up Bonus

Above you will see different social media icons click on it share post copy (link of your post) paste here (submit link)

$25 Sign up Bonus

After that if you can submit the link nicely then 25 dollars will be added to your account.

How do you withdraw money?

How you can withdraw the money earned from this platform through various payment methods will now be shown.

After signing in your account, you will see on the home page, click on (Add Payment Method).

$25 Sign up Bonus

Then sign up (PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App) account with (Payment Address) and click on (Add Payment Method) button.

$25 Sign up Bonus


Hope through this article I have been able to tell you how to get $25 sign up bonus for free and how to earn working here and how to withdraw money still if you have difficulty understanding then comment us and share if you like the article. thank you.