Cheapest Taxi app in Dubai

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How to Download DTC smart app?

If you want to download taxi booking apps from Dubai in United Arab Emirates for your phone then how to do it in this article is shown below with screenshots and detailed guidelines.

#1. First connect data or WiFi in your handset.

#2. Then open google search engine and type (Dubai Taxi cars apk) then click on enter button.

Cheapest Taxi app in Dubai

#3. You will see (APKPure) at the top of the search engine visit it.

Cheapest Taxi app in Dubai

#4. Then click on the button named (Download APK).

Cheapest Taxi app in Dubai

#5. Then (Download APK(8.2 MB) After clicking this button, your apps will start downloading. Once the download is complete, you will get a notification and then install it.

How to use taxi booking apps in Dubai?

How to register and how to order and use online taxi booking apps in the United Arab Emirates are given below.

  1. Install a taxi booking app: Visit your smartphone’s app store (such as Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS) and search for popular taxi booking apps in Dubai. Some commonly used apps in Dubai include Uber, Careem, and RTA Smart Taxi. Download and install the app of your choice.
  2. Create an account: Open the app and create a new account if you don’t already have one. Typically, you’ll need to provide your name, mobile number, email address, and create a password. Some apps may require additional information or verification steps.
  3. Set your pickup location: After logging in, the app will usually request access to your device’s location. Grant the necessary permissions, and the app will automatically detect your current location. Alternatively, you can manually enter your pickup address or drop a pin on the map to set your location.
  4. Enter your destination: Next, enter the address or name of your destination. You can either type the address manually or search for a location using the app’s search function. The app may offer suggestions or autocomplete options to make it easier.
  5. Choose your ride: Depending on the app, you’ll have various options to choose from, such as different types of cars, luxury vehicles, or shared rides. You can select the option that suits your preferences and budget.
  6. Review the fare estimate: The app will usually display an estimated fare based on the pickup and drop-off locations. Review the fare and confirm if it meets your expectations.
  7. Confirm your ride: Once you’re satisfied with the details, tap on the “Book” or “Confirm” button to request your ride. The app will then search for available drivers in your area.
  8. Wait for your ride: The app will display the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your driver. You can track their location on the map and see their progress. Some apps also provide additional features like contacting the driver or sharing your ride status with others.
  9. Enjoy your ride: When the driver arrives, ensure that the vehicle and the driver’s details match what is displayed in the app. Enter the taxi and provide your destination to the driver.
  10. Payment and rating: Once you reach your destination, the app will typically allow you to pay using a linked credit card, digital wallet, or cash, depending on the options available. After the ride, you can rate the driver and provide feedback through the app.


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