free iphone 11 pro max

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Free iphone 11 pro max without human verification

If you want to buy iphone 11 pro max online for free, then this article will tell you how to buy it within 24 hours.

If you are interested to know then you must pay attention to what I am going to share with you. Let’s start.

How is iPhone 11 Pro Max in dollars?

First I will try to tell you the price of iphone 11 pro max and all the information of this phone apart from camera and battery and operating system display size and weight etc. See the list given below.

Free iphone 11 pro max spin and win

How to get Apple iPhone 11 pro max for free Now the complete guideline is mentioned below here with screenshot shown you must follow this rule.

#1. First turn on data and WiFi connection on your computer or smart phone.

#2. Then you open the Google search engine and write (Win iPhone 11 Pro Max Giveaway) then click on enter button.

free iphone 11 pro max

#3. Above all you will see this link ( and visit it.

free iphone 11 pro max

#4. There is a button named ENTER HERE Click on it If you have any difficulty in understanding then see the screenshot given above.

free iphone 11 pro max

#5. Next you need to select the color of the apple 11 pro max, especially note that I have marked it in the above screenshot.

free iphone 11 pro max

#6. After that you have to select apple iPhone 11 pro Max in the store. If you find any difficulty in understanding, then definitely follow the screenshot carefully.

free iphone 11 pro max

#7. After that you will get a form called contact info here you have to enter your full name and below with your email address there is SUBMIT NOW button click on it see screenshot if you have difficulty understanding.

free iphone 11 pro max

#8. After that all your information will be scanned if all the information is correct then you will be given a link through email and in that link you will be informed whether you have won 11 pro max if you want to win then through your address or by contacting you The phone will be shipped.


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