how to create a facebook marketplace accounthow to make a new facebook marketplace account

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9;s discussion is how to create a facebook marketplace account 2024 check out the latest update.

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What is Facebook Marketplace and why should I use it?

First of all, we need to know why we use Facebook Marketplace and what is its function. First of all, we see various products or services in Facebook. If you want to sell or buy products and services, then you definitely need a Facebook Marketplace. Now those processes will be shown.

How to make a fb marketplace account?

Follow the screenshots and detailed guidelines shared below carefully to know the complete process of setting up and opening a new Facebook Marketplace.

Tips 1

First of all login Facebook account on your mobile phone or computer.

how to create a facebook marketplace account

Tips 2

Then you will see the three dot menu and click on the button named Marketplace.

how to create a facebook marketplace account

Tips 3

Then (Sell And Category) you will see two options from here select any one and choose the category according to your product.

how to create a facebook marketplace account

Tips 4

If you want to list a product in the Facebook marketplace, then click on the Sell button and select any of the three categories here.

how to create a facebook marketplace account

Tips 5

  1. Then upload your product image.
  2. Give a title according to your product.
  3. Enter the price of your product.
  4. Select your product category.
  5. Then give a detailed description of your product.
  6. Then click on the Publish button at the top.
how to create a facebook marketplace account

Then within minutes or seconds your product will be listed in Facebook Marketplace and your sales will double.

Friends I hope you got to know how to open facebook marketplace account and how to setup facebook marketplace and how to do product listing on facebook marketplace.

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