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sion is how to monetize facebook page 2024 See for more details about.

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What is Facebook Page Monetization?

First we have to know what is Facebook page monetization and how to monetize Facebook page?. Today’s article is written about the details. If you are trying to know the entire topic, then you must see the article till the end.

How to monetize facebook page and earn money?

If you want to monetize Facebook Page you must meet Facebook Monetization Requirements and work according to Facebook Monetization Policy.

Facebook Page Monetization Requirement 2024

If you want to monetize facebook page then you must meet 10 thousand followers and 60 thousand hours watch time.

How to apply for Facebook page monetization?

If you want to apply for Facebook Page Monetization first you need to go to Facebook Creator Studio.

Then you click on the monetization button and apply for Facebook page monetization with your other information.

How to open Facebook page to earn money?

Now I will show you how to open facebook page and how to setup detailed guide note below.

  1. First sign up or open apps on Facebook.
  2. Create a professional Facebook account that will give you accurate information.
  3. Then open a new Facebook page.
  4. Add mobile number profile photo cover photo and detailed information on Facebook page.
  5. Upload your own video content above 5 minutes to Facebook page.
  6. Complete the facebook page monetization requirements.
  7. Apply for Facebook page monetization and you can monetize within 3 days.

Why Facebook page monetization is disabled?

Now I will tell you some reasons why Facebook page monetization becomes inactive, you must know them and avoid them.

If you copy any video content from someone and upload it on Facebook page then your Facebook page monetization will stop.

Facebook monetization will be deactivated immediately if you do anything outside of the Facebook page monetization policy.

So you should always try not to do the two things that I have told you above.

Facebook monetization information I have shared with you the ideas I follow or you want to know any information comment.

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