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How are you dear reader sure hope you are well I am also good with your prayers I want to discuss the topic among you hope you will like it very much the main topic of today’s

discussion is sign up for more details.

What is

If you are looking for a good video sharing platform in India then this is a very good medium for you to get banklink for your website or share any article you like.

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How To Create Account For Beginners?

How to register account Now I will show you the process and if you are interested then definitely watch.

Step 1

First you open google search engine then write ( create account) then click on enter button and visit the link which you will get above all and click on signup button. sign up

Step 2

Then you will get a form here select your (username) and (gender) then enter your (email address) then select your (age) then with your (password) with (confirm password) with a tick mark on the blank box (sign up ) by clicking on it, a link will be sent to your email, click on that link and verify your account. sign up

Now your account will be completely created, you can login and publish your video or article.

Reader, through this article, I have tried to inform you about in details, if you are interested in knowing more, please comment and share if you like the article. Thanks.

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