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9;s discussion is stockholm bus app 2024 latest update check out more.

Stockholm transit app

This article is very important for you if you are interested to know about the latest update about stockholm bus app because a list of Stockholm public transport ticket app has been published and if you want to download there are two black color buttons click on it.

What is the best transit app for Stockholm?

1. SL-Journey planner and tickets

stockholm bus app
Release Date22 October 2014
Latest update2 February 2024
Latest version7.9.5
Operating systemAndroid 8.0 up
Total User1M+
Download size23 MB

2. Stockholm Metro Guide

stockholm bus app
Release Date27 March 2018
Latest update4 September 2023
Latest version1.0.27
Operating systemAndroid 5.0 up
Total User10K+
Download size13 MB

3. SL Stockholm Commute

stockholm bus app
Release Date18 February 2014
Latest update8 January 2024
Latest version2.9.1
Operating systemAndroid 4.4 up
Total User50K+
Download size8 MB

4. Stockholm Transit (SL)

stockholm bus app
Release Date15 September 2014
Latest update1 June 2015
Latest version1.0.11
Operating systemAndroid 3.0 up
Total User10K+
Download size2.9 MB

5. STHLM Traveling – SL Planner

stockholm bus app
Release Date25 November 2019
Latest update25 November 2019
Latest version2.21.0
Operating systemAndroid 6.0 up
Total User500K+
Download size4 MB

6. Res i STHLM: SL trip planner

stockholm bus app
Release Date15 June 2015
Latest update12 August 2023
Latest version2.5.0
Operating systemAndroid 5.0 up
Total User100K+
Download size9 MB

7. Vy flygbussarna

stockholm bus app
Release Date2 December 2014
Latest update29 August 2023
Latest version2.9.11
Operating systemAndroid 5.0 up
Total User100K+
Download size27 MB

8. SL: stockholm public transport

stockholm bus app
Release Date4 November 2017
Latest update5 November 2017
Latest version1.0
Operating systemAndroid 5.1 up
Total User1K+
Download size6 MB

9. Transit Map Stockholm – with a

stockholm bus app
Release Date
Latest update16 February 2022
Latest version3.1.1
Operating systemAndroid 4.4 up
Total User50K+
Download size51 MB

10. Arlanda Express

stockholm bus app
Release Date16 March 2015
Latest update18 January 2024
Latest version2.5.2
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 up
Total User100K+
Download size7 MB

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