top affiliate websites in bangladesh

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iscussion is to know more about top affiliate websites in bangladesh.

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Top affiliate marketing sites in bangladesh

If you want to earn money by doing affiliate marketing from Bangladesh, this article is very important for you because through this article you will get to know (Affiliate website in Bangladesh) See below for more detailed information.

Which affiliate marketing is best in Bangladesh?

Check out the list of some affiliate websites shared below where you can join the popular affiliate websites in Bangladesh and earn money and take payment through various payment methods of Bangladesh.

  1. bKash affiliate program
  2. Daraz Affiliate program bd
  3. Boikhata affiliate
  4. Shopz affiliate
  5. Sohoj Affiliate
  6. 10 minutes school
  7. Bd shop
  8. Bohubrihi Affiliate
  9. Shikho
  10. ClickBank

How to start affiliate marketing in Bangladesh?

Now I will show you how you can earn money by starting affiliate marketing from Bangladesh. If you are willing to know the details, follow the guidelines and screenshots.

#1. First, connect data or WiFi to your computer and Android phone.

#2. Then open google search engine and write (Daraz Affiliate program bd) then click on enter button.

#3. Visit the official website link at the top of the search engine (

top affiliate websites in bangladesh

#4. Then you will see the Sign Up Now button click on it.

top affiliate websites in bangladesh

#5. Then here you will see a very big form which you have to fill completely.

top affiliate websites in bangladesh

#6. Then click on I agree button.
Then click on submit from button.

top affiliate websites in bangladesh

After processing your request, you will be given a referral link. You can easily earn money by marketing your products through your website or Facebook group or any social media, and you can take payment through bkash, the payment method of Bangladesh.


Reader, through this article, I have tried to tell you how you can earn money from Bangladeshi companies by doing affiliate marketing.

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