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What are youtube shorts videos?

First of all, we need to know what YouTube shorts video is and how we will use YouTube shorts video. Now I will share this detailed information with you.

Usually those of you who use tiktok have uploaded different shorts videos in tiktok when tiktok has been banned in different countries then YouTube is thinking of adding a YouTube shorts video platform so the new shorts video option has been launched on YouTube.

How to use YouTube shorts video?

Now I will tell you how to use YouTube shorts videos and enable the option.

To start YouTube shorts videos first you need to update the YouTube app then when you open.

After clicking on the option to upload video to YouTube, you will see two options.

  • Create a short
  • Upload a video

Click on Create a short option to upload shorts videos to YouTube.

Besides, if you want to watch shorts videos of YouTube, then after opening YouTube apps, scroll down a little on the home page of YouTube apps, you will see the option called shorts, below it, various short videos of YouTube will be shown.

How do you make money on youtube shorts?

Now I will show you how to earn money by uploading shorts videos on YouTube?.

#1. First thing you need to do is to earn money from YouTube shorts videos you have to regularly upload shorts videos on YouTube.

#2. There are several rules for uploading YouTube shorts videos such as you can create your own video content and use it as a shorts video on YouTube and upload it.

#3. When your YouTube shorts videos have more views then you will be given an email from YouTube, here you will see the option named Claim, click here to create a Google AdSense account and the YouTube shorts video earnings will be added to the Google AdSense account.

#4. YouTube shorts video payment will be sent to you on 21st and you will get youtube shorts video earnings in your payment method by 25th.

How to earn money in youtube shorts?

Those of you who want to earn from YouTube shorts videos, if there is any problem, write me in the comment box and I will try to help you as much as possible. Also, no one will tell you a better way to make money from YouTube shorts videos.

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