Herald WordPress Theme Free DownloadHerald - Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme by meks

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ion is Herald WordPress Theme Free Download for more details watch the article carefully .

Herald – Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme by meks

If you want to create a news website through a WordPress website and want to design it beautifully, in that case, how to download Herald premium WordPress themes for free will be shown in detail through this article. If you are interested to know, see below.

How to download premium Herald wordpress themes?

How to download Herald Premium Themes for free Now I am showing you the details below.

  1. First of all open google search engine in your computer laptop and phone.
  2. Enter WordPress Themes Monetization Policy and click Enter button.
  3. Then visit the link you get above.
  4. Then you will see its various premium themes and download the theme you like from here.
  5. Besides, there is a search button in monetizationpolicy.com where you can download the theme by typing the name of your choice.

How to install Herald WordPress Theme?

Note how to install Herald Themes in your WordPress website in detail now.

  • First, login to your WordPress.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • After clicking on the Appearance option, click on the Themes button.
  • Then click on Add New.
  • Click on Upload Themes, select the theme file from your file manager, upload and activate it.

I have tried to inform you through this article about how to download and install Herald WordPress Theme, I hope you understand.

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