How To Get AdSense Approval Without Content in 2024?

How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2023?

Can I get AdSense approval with WordPress?

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Dear friends how are you all I hope you are well I am good with your prayers I am going to discuss the topic among you I hope you will like it very much the main topic of todayȁ

9;s discussion is How can my blog be approved for AdSense 2024? Check the article carefully for more details.

Can I get AdSense approval with WordPress?

  • If you want to use google adsense app in your wordpress website then this article is going to be very important for you because how to monetize google adsense wordpress website in 7 days i will share detailed discussion in this article so that your website monetization will be very fast. See details discussed below.

How do I get my website approved for AdSense?

There are several requirements to connect your blogger website with Google AdSense or to connect your WordPress website with Google AdSense, first we will share them with you, see below.

  • First design your blogger or wordpress website google adsense friendly.
  • Regularly write AdSense friendly content on your website.
  • By doing this you have to publish 20 to 30 articles on your website.
  • Then add important pages like (about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer) to your website.
  • Then add your website between Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

How do I monetize my WordPress site with AdSense?

Now you will be informed that if you want to monetize your WordPress website with AdSense, the details of how to do it are given below.

  • Then you need to sign up Google Adsense and connect your website link.
  • Then Google AdSense HTML code should be placed in your website.
  • Then submit for Google Adsense.

Then you have to wait for few hours if you create your website as per google adsense requirement and everything is fine then you can monetize your website within 24 hours.

Why is my blog rejected for AdSense?

Now you will be informed why Google AdSense rejects you and what are the reasons and how to solve it. Note the details given below.

  • First of all, you need to create a website and write content by following the above discussion.
  • If you use any type of copy content or use any copyright image and work outside any Google AdSense policy then you are rejected from Google AdSense.

How much does AdSense pay on WordPress?

How much money does Google Adsense pay you now this matter will be told to you which is discussed in detail see below.

  • The article that you write in the wordpress website, the keywords that are here, the CPC that is in the keywords, basically Google pays you.
  • If you write an article in your website with 10 dollar CPC keywords and if that article is in google top 10, if someone clicks and visits your website and clicks on Google AdSense advertisement, you will get ten dollars.

How much money can I earn from WordPress?

Dear friends if you can monetize your website google adsense by following the rules shared then you can earn more than 1000 dollars per month from google adsense from your wordpress website.

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