How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute

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ussion is How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute.

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If you are looking for good tips to monetize google adsense this article is very important for you because I will show you how to get google adsense approval for wordpress website or blogger website?.

Important Tips To Monetize Blogger Website Google Adsense!


First thing you need to do to monetize google adsense on blogger website is to customize your website nicely.


Then publish enough unique and high quality content on your website.


Then add important pages in your blogger website like (about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer).


Then add it to blogger website (search console/google analytics).

05. / The link given here is the official website link of google adsense visit it and create google adsense account Here you have to provide all the correct information like your name and your address and a new phone Number.


Then add your blogger website Domain name to google adsence.


Add Google Adsense HTML code to Blogger website.


After that your blogger website will be approved within 24 hours or two weeks if Google AdSense policy is correct.

Still if you are not able to add google adsense in blogger website comment us and if you follow the rules I have shared above then I 100% guarantee you will get blogger website adsense very easily.

Important New Tips To Monetize WordPress Website Google Adsense!

If you want to earn money by adding WordPress website with Google Adsense, let’s know how to get started.

Step 1.

First buy hosting from the best hosting company according to your country.

Step 2.

Then you need to buy a top level domain like .com or XYZ.

Step 3.

Then install your WordPress.

Step 4.

Customize your website according to Google AdSense requirements.

Step 5.

Then publish 30/50 high quality and unique articles on the topic you know well about according to your WordPress.

Step 6.

Then add important pages to your WordPress website.

Step 7.

Install and activate the google site kit plugin and setup (Google Search Console Tools & google analytics).

Step 8.

Then enter the Google AdSense account and click on the sign up button.

Step 9.

Then create an account with your correct information.

Step 10.

Then apply for Google Adsense with your WordPress website name.

Step 11.

Add Google Adsense html code to WordPress website.

You have to wait a week or two weeks Google AdSense said if it is ok you will get it.

If you can’t get Google AdSense approved in WordPress, you can definitely comment us and if you apply for AdSense following the rules I have shared above, I guarantee 100% that you will be able to monetize your WordPress website.


Reader, through this article, I have tried to inform you about the detailed information about Google Adsense tips and tricks, if you are interested in knowing how to make CPC of Google Adsense? and how to earn double income from Google Adsense?, stay connected with us.

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