how to change name in facebook lite 2023how to change name in fb lite without waiting 60 days

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How to change your name on facebook lite?

If you are using Facebook Lite and want to change the name of Facebook through Facebook Lite, please pay attention to know how to do it in details in this article.

How to change name in facebook lite without 60 days 2024?

If you are not able to change name before 60 days with facebook lite then I will share below note it carefully.

  • First turn on (data or WiFi connection) in your phone.
  • Then (open Facebook Lite) and login to Facebook.
  • Then you will see (three dot option) click here.
  • Scroll down and click on (Settings and Privacy).
  • Then you will see the option named (Personal Information) Click here.
  • Next to the name there is an (edit) option click here.
  • Then change the (first name).
  • Change (last name).
  • Click on (Save changes).
  • Then click on (save with Facebook password).

How to change page name in facebook lite?

If you want to change the name of the Facebook business page with Facebook Lite, then the detailed rules will be shown below.

  • Open your (Facebook Lite and login) to Facebook.
  • Then click on the (three dot menu).
  • Click on (Page name option).
  • (Log in to your Facebook page).
  • Click on (Edit page).
  • Click on the (name).

Then click on save change with the new Facebook name you want to change the name of your Facebook page.

Change facebook business page name 2024

How to Change Facebook Profile Name and Facebook Business Page Name Using Facebook Lite I have tried to show the complete rule above.

If you want to change your name using Facebook Lite, then you can change your name very easily by following the rules given above.

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