how to install wordpress 2023

How to install WordPress -

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How are you dear reader I hope you are fine I am good with your prayers I am going to discuss this topic among you I hope you will like it very much the main topic of today’s

discussion is how to install wordpress 2024 check out the article completely for more details.

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how to install wordpress on godaddy?

If you want to know how to install, this article is going to be very important for you because this article will show you how to install WordPress from (godaddy how to install wordpress). Let’s know the details.

how to install wordpress in cpanel?

  • If you want to install wordpress you need to follow the rules that I will show you now, after that you can basically install wordpress from cpanel.
  • To install WordPress from cPanel you must login to the hosting server from where you purchased the WordPress hosting.
  • Then click on the domain.
  • Then scroll down and you will see after coming down.
how to install wordpress 2023
  • Click here to see the option called Log in to cPanel.
  • Then you have to scroll down from the home page of the C panel.
how to install wordpress 2023
  • Click on the option named WordPress Manager by Softaculous.
  • Then you will see the option to manage WordPress.
how to install wordpress 2023
  • Click on the button named Install from here.
how to install wordpress 2023
  • First select your site URL.
  • Select the WordPress version.
  • Enter the site name.
  • Give a description of the site.
  • Enter admin user name.
  • Enter the admin password.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click the Install button.
  • After that your wordpress installation will start then you will see your wordpress admin login url.
  • Click on it and login with WordPress website username and password.

how to install wordpress on bluehost?

Those of you who want to install WordPress from Blue Host can easily install WordPress website from Blue Host by following the rules I have shown above.

how to install wordpress on hostgator?

hostgator how to install wordpress first you need to login hostgator.

Then cPane should be opened.

Then by doing the rule shown above, you can easily install WordPress from hostgator in one click.

how to install wordpress on digitalocean?

If you are interested in how to install digitalocean wordpress I have shown the rule above.

Note this and by doing this you can install WordPress website from digitalocean very easily.

how to setup wordpress?

If you don’t know how to set up a new WordPress website and if you want to set up a WordPress website completely, I will discuss this topic in the next episode.

If you want to know, be sure to stay connected with us or click here to see the rules for setting up WordPress Complete.

Readers if you like installing WordPress and you are interested in telling your friends how to install new WordPress.

About this topic then definitely share on social media and stay with us for more regular tutorials about WordPress thanks.

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