Best free WordPress theme for AdSense approval10 Best Free WordPress Themes for AdSense Approval

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ssion is Best free WordPress theme for AdSense approval. See for more details.

What is the name of free wordpress themes for google adsense approval?

If you are looking for Google Adsense on your WordPress website and looking for Free WordPress Themes then this article is going to be very important for you Free WordPress Themes Google Adsense Check below to get more updates.

Top 10 WordPress Themes To Quickly Monetize Google Adsense?

Now I will share with you the names of the top 10 free WordPress themes that you can use on your WordPress site for instant WordPress site monetization.

  1. hitMag Free WordPress Themes: If you want to get google adsense approval for news paper website or magazine website then you can use HitMag WordPress Themes Free.
  2. generatePress Free WordPress Themes : You can use GeneratePress themes to get Google AdSense approval fast because loading speed is very good among these WordPress themes and you can design Google AdSense friendly WordPress website.
  3. Trendy News Free WordPress Themes: If your WordPress website rejects Google AdSense, you can use these themes because these themes have various features and are very good WordPress free themes for website monetization.
  4. blogSquare Free WordPress Themes : If you want to monetize your news blog website Google AdSense then you can use BlogSquare Teams because by using these themes you will get AdSense fast.
  5. university Education Hub WordPress Free Theme: If you want to monetize Google AdSense in your education website, you can use this theme because the themes are nicely customized to properly place ads in any university WordPress website.
  6. Electronics Gadgets Free WordPress Themes: If you want to monetize a review website or monetize a mobile specification website, you can use this theme absolutely free because these themes have all the features to design a review WordPress website beautifully.
  7. microt Ecommerce WordPress Themes Free : You can use this theme to monetize Google Adsense on e-commerce website. This theme is very good for designing e-commerce site with WordPress website and has various features which you can use for free.
  8. Affiliate Review Free WordPress Themes : To monetize your website Google Adsense, you can use these WordPress themes absolutely free to design a new affiliate website through WordPress and get Google Adsense immediately after applying.
  9. Video Streaming Free WordPress Theme: If you create a Facebook video streaming website with WordPress or a YouTube video streaming website with Huat Face and want to get google adsense approval in any video streaming website, then you can use the themes.
  10. sEO Agency Lite WordPress Theme Free : If you create an agency website with a WordPress website and want to monetize any agency website with Google Adsense, then you can get Adsense account approved quickly by using the themes.

Dear reader, through this article, I have tried to inform you that you can use the free themes in the WordPress website, you can earn money from the WordPress website by monetizing your Google AdSense account in any type of website.

How to Install WordPress Themes 2024?

If you want to install themes on your WordPress site, first of all the tasks you need to do are listed below.

  • Login to WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Themes.
  • Click on Add New Teams.
  • Enter the name of WordPress Themes given above in Search Themes.
  • Then click on Themes.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Click on the Active button.

If there is any problem to monetize google adsense on wordpress website then definitely write in our comment box and stay with us to know more information about wordpress new theme thanks.