how to make money with iphone 14 pro max

how to make money with iphone 14 pro max 2024 latest update this article is very important for you because i will show you how you can

lars-a-day-online-for-free/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">earn more than 1000 dollars per month online using your apple iphone 14 pro max Let’s get started Let’s

How to make money using iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Now I will share with you some important tips that you can easily earn online without any investment using your iphone 14 pro max.

1. Google Adsense

how to make money with iphone 14 pro max

You must know that after entering any website or any app like when we enter, we see various ads here, these are basically Google Adsense ads. How can you earn from Google Adsense? Let’s start.

If you want to work with a website, you must buy hosting and domain for your website and design your website beautifully by installing WordPress.

Then start writing on the topic you know well about in your website so you will publish 20/30 articles.

Then you can use Google Site Kit plugin to add your website according to Google Search Console or Google Analytics.

Then you have to sign up Google Adsense account and create a Google Adsense account with your address and phone number and other information.

After that, the URL that is in your website, you put the HTML code of Google Adsense in your website with add site in Google Adsense.

If all the things that have been programmed in Google AdSense in your website are correct, then you can monetize the WordPress website within 24 hours or two weeks.

Then generate the Google AdSense ad code in your website and place it in your website.

After that automatic earnings will start on your website and you can see them on the home page of your Google AdSense account.

After that, if you have 10 dollars in your Google Adsense account, a pin letter will be sent to verify your Google Adsense account. There will be six digits with which you will verify your Adsense account.

Then you need to add a bank account in a google adsense account for that you go to the payment option go here you don’t have a bank account and save the bank account routing number with the bank account number.

You will get paid from Google Adsense on 21st of every month when your AdSense account reaches $100.

2. Youtube

how to make money with iphone 14 pro max

YouTube is the best video search engine platform in the world. You must know that there are various types of videos available here. If you want to earn by making videos and uploading them to YouTube, how to start YouTube is now showing the process.

First you need to create a gmail account then you need to sign in your gmail by visiting

Then you will see an icon click here you name your YouTube channel and create your YouTube channel.

Verify YouTube channel with your phone number and setup other YouTube settings completely.

Next, update a profile photo and cover photo of your YouTube channel. Create and setup YouTube channel profile photo size (800) and YouTube cover photo size (2048 x 1152 pixels).

Then you need to create a contact to upload the video to YouTube and edit this video beautifully, for that you can download video editing apps for android from Google Play Store or download video editing apps for computers and laptops from Microsoft Apps Store. can

Then make your video beautifully and upload it to YouTube.

Now while uploading your video add a nice title and description on youtube and place the youtube tags nicely.

To SEO your YouTube videos, you download the YouTube Creator Studio app from the Play Store.

Then open the apps and click on the video free dot icon of the video you want to SU and click on the edit button and place your video related tags nicely here.

By doing this you regularly upload videos to YouTube and fulfill the YouTube monetization requirement of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

Then you need to enter YouTube Theater Studio official website then you will see monetization icon click here connect your YouTube channel with google adsense.

If all the YouTube monetization programs are correct, then you can instantly monetize your YouTube channel and earn money easily by setting Google ads on YouTube videos.

How to earn from Facebook with iPhone 14 pro max?

how to make money with iphone 14 pro max

The world’s best and most popular social media platform is Facebook. If you want to earn from Facebook, how to do it will now be shown the process and if you are interested, follow the below guidelines carefully.

First of all you need to create a Facebook account by opening your Facebook apps or Facebook official website and then login from your Facebook account.

Then create a Facebook page and create and edit videos for your Facebook page and upload videos to Facebook page regularly.

Then fulfill facebook page monetization requirement 5000 follower and 60 thousand hours watch time.

Then apply for facebook page monetization if your facebook page monetization policy is right then you can monetize your facebook very quickly.

Then you set up video ads on Facebook page and then you can earn by regularly uploading videos on Facebook.

how to make money with ios apps?

Now I will share with you if you want to earn money with iPhone money making apps, how to do it, I have mentioned the list of best money making apps iphone below for your understanding.

Install the money earning apps you like from the above list from the iPhone apps store.

Then open the apps on your iPhone and register the account.

Then here you can see various tasks by doing these tasks you can easily earn daily income with iPhone 14 Pro Max.


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