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How to fix low value content in adsense?

How to solve the low value content of Google Adsense? I will share several guidelines with you through this article, if you observe them you can easily solve the problem of Google Adsense low value content.

How to fix AdSense duplicate content?

Let’s know how to check Google Adsense duplicate content? and how to solve it.

  1. First you need to buy top level domain.
  2. If using WordPress, buy good quality hosting.
  3. Change the logo you use between your Blogger and WordPress websites and use a professional logo maker.
  4. You may not use copyrighted content in any way.
  5. If copyright content or image, remove it.
  6. Keep five articles in each category.
  7. If you have added any kind of link in your article, remove it.
  8. If you use any tag in your website remove it.
  9. Add your website to Google Search Console.
  10. Index all the posts and pages of your website in Google search engine.

As a dear reader, if you observe the ten tips given to solve the low value content problem, you can easily monetize your website with Google AdSense.

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