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How to create Account For Beginners

If you want to use zapier ai tools, you must sign up. In that case, how can you register an account? Now I will show you the process and if you are interested, please note.

Step 1

First you have to open the Google search engine, then type (zapier website) and click on the enter button. Visit the website that appears on the top according to the Google search engine.

zapier sign up

Step 2

Then at the top you will see (Sign up) button click on it.

zapier sign up

Step 3

Then at the top you will see the button named (Sign up with Google) and you can create an account by clicking on it or click on the (Get Started Free) button with (Work Email) and (First Name) and (Last Name).

zapier sign up

Step 4

Then you will see several categories from here any one (select category).

zapier sign up

Step 5

Then select your (company size) and click on (skip question).

zapier sign up

After that several more options will come in front of you from here you can choose or (skip) as you like.

How to delete zapier account?

If you want to remove the zapier account, I will show you the process and if you are interested, please note.

First, (log in to the zapier account) and see the (profile), click on it and enter the settings option.

zapier sign up

Then you will see (three dot menu) click on it and go to advanced option and click on (delete my account) (Confirm it’s you) button.

zapier sign up

Zapier pricing

If you want to take a subscription from zapier, check the list below about how much and duration, etc.

Free$0 USD1 Month
Starter$19.99 USD1 Month
Professional$49 USD1 Month
Team$69 USD1 Month

Zapier alternatives

If you are looking for a platform alternative to zapier ai then check out the list listed below.

  1. IFTTT
  2. Workato
  3. Integromat
  4. Microsoft Power Automate
  5. Make
  6. Outfunnel
  7. Pabbly Connect
  8. Automate io
  9. Integrately
  10. Leadsbridge
  11. Boomi
  12. N8n
  13. MuleSoft
  14. Celigo, Inc.
  15. Parabola
  16. CloudHQ
  17. HubSpot Operations Hub
  18. Pipedream, Inc.
  19. Zoho Flow
  20. ActionDesk
  21. All zapier alternatives compared
  22. Huggin
  23. PieSync BVBA
  24. Jitterbit

Reader, through this article, I have tried to inform you about in details, if you are interested in knowing any other things, please write in the comment box and if you like the article, share it. Thank you.

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