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Facebook Video Views Latest Update On 2024 After uploading your video to Facebook why your Facebook video is not getting views today I will try to tell you this comp

letely especially I am sharing with you by researching the problem so that your Facebook video can go viral very easily let’s start.

How to increase facebook video views in 2024?

Usually when we upload videos on Facebook we do many mistakes but today I am going to share with you the ways to increase the views of Facebook videos if you pay attention I can tell you with 100% guarantee that you will You can solve this problem.

  1. Login to your Facebook or Facebook page.
  2. Then you will see (3 dot menu) click on it.
  3. Then (scroll down) and click on the option named (Settings and Privacy).
  4. Then click on (Settings) option.
  5. Then you will see the (media icon) click on it.
  6. Then put a tick mark on the option named (Never Auto Play Videos).

If you follow the above shared states carefully and act like this, I give you 100% guarantee that your Facebook video will go viral from today.

Why Facebook video views do not come?

Usually when we upload a video on Facebook and when someone likes and comments on that video we replay it.

When we want to reply to Facebook comments, the video we uploaded in front of us is played in our device.

In this way, when the video is repeatedly viewed from your account and from your device or from your ID, the Facebook algorithm automatically downloads the video, so Facebook’s video does not increase and your video does not go viral.


Hope I have been able to explain to you why Facebook videos are not coming and how to solve it. Also, if you are interested in knowing about Facebook monetization or other Facebook tips and tricks, please comment and share the article if you like it. Thank you.