wordai premium account free

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y’s discussion is wordai premium account free. Check for details.

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What is wordai?

WordAi is basically the best AI tools for writing an article, with the help of which you can easily generate unique and high quality content for your website or social media.

How To Create WordAi.com Account For Beginners

How to sign up WordAi Now I will show you all the process with screenshots and if you are interested then definitely watch.

Step 1

First, open the Google search engine and write (word ai free) then click on the enter button and visit the website that you get on the top. (Click here to get bonus if you sign up)

wordai premium account free

Step 2

Then on the (three dot menu) click on (Login) option and click on (Register to start a FREE trial!) Click on this button.

wordai premium account free

Step 3

Then you will see a (form) you have to fill it with your (first name) and (last name) (company name) then your (email address) and (password) and (confirm password) click on (sign up) button do.

wordai premium account free

Now your account is successfully created.

Wordai pricing

If you want to buy a subscription from wordai then see a list of how much and duration etc.

There are two packages, one (which costs you $57 for a month) and another (only $27 for a year).

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