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iscussion is to know more about wordpress paypal plugin.

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PayPal Standard WooCommerce plugin download

If you want to download PayPal WordPress plugin for free then the complete process is shown below and if you are interested to know.

#1. First connect data and WiFi on your computer or smartphone.

#2. Open Google search engine and type (WordPress PayPal button) then click on enter button.

#3. Visit this link at the top of the search engine (https://wordpress.org › plugins).

#4. After clicking the download button, the plugin will be downloaded to your computer or mobile phone.

How do I add a PayPal button to my free WordPress?

How to install PayPal plugin in your wordpress website now the process will be shown if you are interested to know then follow the guidelines.

Login to WordPress.

Then go to the plugin option and click Add New Plugin.

Check the search option here (PayPal) then click on enter button.

At the top you will see the plugin and next to it there is an install button click here to activate it once installed.

best payment gateway plugin for wordpress

If you are looking for more payment plugins for WordPress website, then you can see the list below, these plugins are shared here, you can install and use them for free according to the rules given above.

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Stripe, Inc.
  3. PayPal
  4. 2Checkout
  5. GiveWP
  6. PayU
  7. WP Simple Pay
  8. Forminator
  9. Wp Simple Pay Homepage
  10. WooCommerce


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